Established in 1989 as a professional firm providing services on management system consultancy has since distinguished itself as a leader in providing expert advice and professional service for management system in the quality and environmental control fields. Dedicated and experienced personnel as well as mastery of the latest management know how and technologies have enabled YES to work successfully with clients to generate quality and cost-effective solutions to a highly complex management challenges and to meet stringent requirements.

With the rapid urbanization and industrialization in the region, YES firmly believes that incorporation of the essential quality and environmental criteria is vital for a proper urbanization and industrialization in creating the right development balance. A conviction that is held and supported by YES believe that the emphasis is on the need to identify the areas and the effect of urbanization or industrialization on the existing conditions.

YES is fully committed to playing a key role in maintaining a quality, safe and healthy environment with effective and efficient management skill. The public and private sectors are kept informed of the latest industrial and urbanized development by YES through its various quality assurance and service engagement. Certainly not one to rest on its laurels, YES continuously seeks to excel through constant innovation and technology transfer gained from close communication with various institutions.