1. To achieve full controllership in management system field by creating definite solution through professional approach, unchallenged integrity and innovative spell.

2. To foster organizational growth through the involvement of individuals to make their best contributions to group objectives.

3. To aggressively promote excellent value to our clients, rewarding career advancement for our staffs and a superior, long-term return on investment for our shareholders.


RED: Denotes the corporate color of YES.

PURPLE: Denotes dynamic hope and aspirations of YES.


  • WE, shall make YES as a top ranking consultancy firm in every aspect of management services.
  • WE, shall put in our best effort to enable YES to leap into the Asian Market by providing professional services and products whilst upholding the Code Of Practices subscribed.
  • WE, orient ourselves in making YES an e-organization using the SMART Concept as a core backbone of our business.
  • WE, shall collectively transform YES into a centre for education in Asia whereby experience and know-how learnt and gain shall be communicated in a global manner.
  • WE, shall enhance our strength to be the strongest promoter of intelligent and high caliber consultancy technology.
  • WE, engage to make YES a strong and vibrant linkage of the Asian Market to the rest of the world.
  • WE, shall be innovative and creative to be advanced in R & D for YES's interactions in the field of global environment.
  • With Determination and Hardwork, WE, shall seed and germinate these commitments for Excellent towards achieving YES Vision as a top ranking consultancy firm in this third millennium.


We believe, in being loyal, sincere and honest,

In carrying out our code of practices,

Through the professional services that we give,

Whilst holding the integrity that constitute YES.

We believe, in committing towards protecting mother nature,

In ensuring the birds will fly in the sky,

Fishes will swim in the water,

And trees will grow on this earth.

We believe, as YES’sians,

We shall strive towards a single unity in this family,

In Achieving the noble vision leading to,

Our infinite growth germinating in this universe.


Here We Are

Young And Smart

Soaring Like An Eagle

Keeping Eye

Hand In Hand

On This Planet

Enviro Is Our Aim

YES Is Our Name

Together As YES’sians

Young And Smart

Hand In Hand